Hello!  My name is Kim and I am the founder and "Runner-In-Chief" of The Ravenous Runners Running Club. I've been an athlete for most of my life, and loved running from an early age. But I didn't become a "real runner" until I was an adult and joined a running club. Participating in that club for the past 12 years has been life-changing and life defining for me. The friends, fitness, and fun I've enjoyed as a result of that club are priceless. 

When Ravenous Brewing Company opened in town, I realized I could form a running club from the brewery, thus bringing friends, fitness, and fun to our community!  Hence, The Ravenous Runners Running Club.  


My primary goals for the club are to give EVERYONE an opportunity to run and socialize. With time, I hope to develop the club according to the desires of its members. So if you like to run, or want to start, enjoy socializing, and want to have a say in how the club grows, come join us!