Every once in a while we are going to have some special activities in addition to our weekly running. This will be the page to find those events. 

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Club members can bring gently used shoes to any of our meetings and I will collect them and donate them. All shoes go to under-developed countries where they are "repurposed and resold by micro-entrepreneurs (small business owners). The athletic shoes help create commerce, jobs and a path out of poverty." For more information, go to sneakers4funds.com.


For the month of May, we're boosting our efforts to collect food for the Northern Rhode Island Food Pantry. We have a little competition going to make things interesting! Two Ravenous teams are competing against one another. Whichever team donates the most food by weight will win a prize! Bring non-perishable items to any club run and we'll collect and weigh it. Do your part to beat the other team and to donate a lot of food to the needy!

Community Service